The Big Easy

Last week we told you all how we went chasing waterfalls with our dads. There are some things we should note that is common for us. We have made a habit of riding along on the coattails of our parent’s travels. It was Spring Break of last year when our mothers and crazy and loving Aunt Suzanne were headed down to New Orleans for the weekend. We did not want to miss out on this or chasing waterfalls, so we were wanting to tag along!

We pride ourselves being spur of the moment travelers always packing light and being on the go in a moments notice. It was Friday morning when the leading women in our lives were set to leave that afternoon headed to New Orleans for the first leg of their road trip. Rachel was with her sister, Riley, running around town just doing a few errands when she got the text from Hilary.

“Hey wanna go with our Moms to New Orleans this wknd?”

Rachel immediately with no hesitation picked up the phone to call Hilary. Upon answering after one ring, Rachel wasted no time getting to the heart of the matter!

“What time are we leaving? You better not be joking?!”

Hilary assured Rachel she was not kidding. Rachel turned the car around to go home and pack.

It was just about three hours later that we were in the car, packed, and headed south the the BIG EASY, BABY!

For some, it may not seem that it is this easy, but traveling has always just came natural to us. Becky, Hilary’s mom, immediately booked us a room at the hotel they were staying at that weekend, and it was like the trip literally fell into our lap. Our parents definitely support our love of travel, and for that we are forever grateful.

It was a six hour drive on the road with Susie, Rachel’s mom, Becky, and Aunt Suzanne following behind us in their vehicle. New Orleans had no idea what was about to strike!

We arrived at our beautiful hotel, The Royal Sonesta, located on Bourbon Street! It was about 11 o’clock that night and the valet man was such a beautiful, helpful specimen.

We were up in our rooms in no time. We unloaded our suitcases and got all dolled up with hair and makeup and the cutest little outfits! We walked just down the hallway to inform our mothers we were going EXPLORING! Already in their pajamas, they gave us worried speeches about safety and robbers and killers and voodoo. Our Aunt Suzanne reassured our mothers that we were grown adults with level heads on our shoulders who could make responsible decisions as she walked out the door with us! It was a night on Bourbon for us three girls!

It was a bit past three o’clock in the morning when our heads hit the pillow! By the way, the breakfast served at the restaurant downstairs is a good way to, ya know… soothe the stomach.

The next day was packed full and we hit the city streets early that morning! If you have never been to New Orleans, you should know that the square is full of life! There are boutiques, art, music, and food on every corner lining up the streets. Without spending a dime one could just enjoy the atmosphere.

We rode a horse and carriage, toured a local market, and enjoyed the views of the Mississippi River. It was a great day with great weather and great people. It was late afternoon and we all retired back to the hotel for a nap before going out to dinner!

We ate like the queens we are that night! We had reservations at Galatoire’s 33 Bar & Streak. The food was out of this world! We had a late reservation and when dinner was over we walked out onto Bourbon St. where everything had already began to fire up! It was funny to see our Moms, whom have never been party girls themselves, see what night life really looked like.

After we walked about a block, angelic Becky frantically screamed, “This looks like the streets of hell!” The rest of us could not muffle our bursts of laughs. We almost peed ourselves, although no one would have noticed with the normal stench  that lingers around Bourbon Street. The scantily clad girls, drinks, and beads were not exactly ideal for the goody girls. Our mothers and our Aunt Suzanne once again retired to the hotel. However, it was just the beginning of part two for us!

The trip was very meaningful for us in many ways. While we loved spending time with our Moms and Aunt we really did some soul searching on this trip. This was really the first time we did everything we wanted, when we wanted, how we wanted. We appreciate our mothers letting us be ourselves. It was for the first time we felt we were real adults on a real weekend getaway.This is actually where our story kinda all gets started, if we are honest… and we will fill you in more later down the road how this trip really changed our lives. We aren’t sure  we are ready to spill all the gory details of this trip… Let us just say, we NEVER have to go back to New Orleans. In fact, I am not sure they would let us!

Let’s carry on….Now we fast forward almost exactly one year later… and our mothers have been Jamacian us crazy!!! Oh wait? Did we say that right?? YES, WE DID!

Spring Break trip 2.0 for the mother daughter duos! This time it is gonna be bigger and better and longer!!! We are spending a week in Jamaica for this spring break! We cannot wait! We are super excited to get to spend some quality time doing what we love most with our mothers! We have lots on our agenda and we are excited to get to share this with you! We are going to be letting you know how we planned our trip, where we are staying, and what all we are packing, soon! We want your advice and tips and tricks for this laid back country, so leave us some love in the comments! Check in next week for all the preplanning stuff! As always, pack light and carry on!

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