No For Sure… It Was Memphis

We know last week ended with a cliffhanger, and you have patiently waited to know what happened in Memphis for the second half of our trip! We appreciate your nail-biting and slightly psychotic rocking on the edge of your seat!

To bring us all up to speed, it had been an amazing fun-filled day of museums, barbeque, celebrity spotting, and sightseeing. We attempted the walking bridge, but couldn’t take the 33 degree weather any longer. Rachel, being the planner she is, knew that after waking up early and having a full day, a nap would be needed. So, onto the Airbnb we go for some much needed R&R before we hit up Memphis nightlife. We had just taken the ramp onto Interstate 55 toward Coldwater, Mississippi, and had calculated that we had about three hours to nap, get glammed up, and head back into town. Then all of a sudden… like a blur in the window… Hilary spotted what Rachel already knew was there. Hilary gasped…. Hilary pointed…. Rachel knew….

Two short exits down, Rachel was getting off the interstate about six miles before their intended exit of Clearwater.

We HAD to turn around.

We could NOT just drive past it and NOT stop.

It was our duty as traveling women.

Ten short minutes later we arrived…. At the TANGER OUTLETS!

Located right off of Interstate 55 in Southaven, Mississippi you can find the shopping mecca that will provide you with all of your shopping desires! The full list of stores can be found here if you’re planning your trip soon!

We know life is all about choices and on this day we chose shopping over sleep like any woman would do. We had fun trying on all the clothes and giving each other nods of approval and stank faces of disapproval for the hour we had dedicated to getting some zzz’s.

With an arm full of shopping bags, Hilary met Rachel in the car (Rachel tapped out about twenty minutes before Hilary) and THEN we headed on to the Airbnb.

Upon arriving at the picturesque Wynnewood Cottage, we were met promptly by our amazing host! Aaron made sure our arrival was smooth and accommodating. He had given us the code to enter AND generously ushered us into our home for the night. The cottage was decorated to feel like a southern traditional home with all the comforts and amenities! Hilary and Aaron shared tales of antiques and decor while Rachel marveled over the swing in the front yard!

Once we were settled in, Aaron was on his way. Admittedly, we would have been happy if he had stayed around and hung out with us longer! Preface: the bed slept like a cloud!!!

If you would like up to $55 dollars off your first stay with AirBnb you can use this link! We recommend AirBnb to most anyone wanting to travel comfortably and keep a tight budget.

We stood there with our carry on luggage unfolded and outfits laid out, staring at each other, knowing we so desperately wanted to go to sleep, and let us just say how important self awareness is as a traveler. We knew in the pits of our bellies that if we so much as closed our eyes while in a horizontal manner, we would not get back up.

Off to the shower Hilary went because she takes longer to get ready (self awareness). After Rachel showered the hair and makeup marathon commenced! We had these really cute outfits for the night out, but both of us opted for something a little more casual. You know it’s not a girls trip if you don’t change outfits at least three times in one day.

We settled in on final touches for the comfy outfits, adorned in our sneakers and sweaters, and pointed the car toward the Historic Beale Street. Now, this is an important note for all you Memphis goers, parking is pretty readily available anywhere. However, you do need to prepare to dish out a couple of dollars every time you relocate your car. Altogether for the weekend we spent about $40 dollars on parking. This is one small downside to not staying in town and calling an UBER. We figured the budget for parking or calling an UBER would be about as wide as it is long.

Upon turning onto Beale Street, there is no mistaking where the party is! The neon lights work as a beacon calling in the good times! We knew we wanted to hit up the famous B.B. King’s Blues Club. It is conveniently located on the corner next to a parking garage. Instant and easy decisions were made there.

Walking into the place we knew it would be great because there was a line. That’s how you know where the good stuff is! We waited behind the velvet rope to pay our $7 cover and made our way to the bar. The first round was down, and the early night band was exiting off the stage. Hilary made the best decision when she went and got us a table on the second story! We were perfectly overlooking a little balcony down onto the stage.

To be as crowded as it was, the service was super speedy. Apparently, they’d done this before. We decided to split the entree and dessert as we weren’t exactly starving (noted: a rare occasion). Let us just tell you though, the Chicken Fried Chicken is a double whammy of redundant goodness!! The sides perfectly paired. I mean who doesn’t love some mac and cheese?! The roasted vegetables cleanse the palate and made way for the White Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding with ice cream!!! (Sorry, we devoured it before the thought of a picture ever occured. Live in the moment right?)

Over dinner, we chatted with an adorable couple from Wisconsin who was on their way to New Orleans for her birthday! Sharing our funny accents over conversation was nice, and it’s a part of traveling that we love so much! Meeting new people make life just a little bit better!

We had just taken our last bite and paid the waiter when the house band fired up! When we say we RAN down the stairs we are not exaggerating. Like shamelessly “should have worn a different bra kinda ran down the stairs”.The rhythmic blues filled the air with a sweet southern voice laying perfectly atop some of the best music we have EVER heard. Let us just say the B.B. King All-star Band can have our $7 cover charge any day of the week and then some!!!  

Never batting an eye at the fuddy duds in their seats, we made a beeline out onto the dance floor. We understand this isn’t shocking to any of you who know us. Our strong advice: DANCE! You will find that mob behavior is real. It is never longer than a verse of the song before others will use you as an inspiring excuse to get up and dance, too! We spent the next couple of hours there soaking in the atmosphere and dancing our hearts out with the mob that so quickly followed in our two steps.

After a while of two-stepping to the beat, we both decided to get out of there and see what the rest of what Beale had to offer. There was a dueling piano bar just down the way, and since it had started to drizzle we quickly stepped inside. As we stepped over the threshold, a beautiful melody rang out across the piano keys.

Hilary stopped dead in her tracks. The singer let it ring out “ Blame it all on my roots…”

She turned around to death stare at Rachel who finished with “I SHOWED UP IN BOOTS!”

Needless to say, we didn’t stay there long. Country music just isn’t Hilary’s thing. We stayed just long enough to pee and let Hilary ask the security guard where the next best place was to finish out the night!

We found ourselves in a white girl dancing club, showed ‘em how it’s done there, but was quickly ready to call it a night. The “no nap” had caught up to us. We left and as we were walking by B.B. Kings, we could still hear the band firing it up.

We didn’t ask each other. We didn’t even look in each others direction. We just waltzed right back in there. We flashed our stamped hands at the security guards and hopped the velvet rope like we were “regulars”. Again, there wasn’t a soul to be found on the dance floor, and just like the time before, we walked right past the fuddy duds and onto the stage where Hilary and the lead singer shared eyes and matching dance moves until the wee hours of the morning!

We safely made it back to our home for the night, ecstatic with our new adventures. Ecstatic that our “Best Idea Ever” was really feeling like we thought it would. As we tossed our carry-ons onto the floor and our bodies onto the bed, we knew we right where we wanted to be.

The next morning, we traveled to the Blue Plate Cafe located downtown on S Court Street, and ate until we were MISERABLE! Miserable, let us tell ya! All the pancakes and french toast and eggs and sausage and honey biscuits that two people’s hearts and stomach could devour right there in downtown Memphis! Some sins scare us, but gluttony ain’t one of them.

We wobbled our way back to the car and pointed it toward home. Walking in Memphis was a song Hilary was tired of Rachel singing, but it was the best weekend trip we could have done to kick off this blog!


  1. Hot-Jason · February 25, 2019

    Great read, I felt as if I was there!

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