Hi there, This is Rachel and Hilary. We are two cousins located in Alabama who are ready to take on the world together! Our mommas are sisters so that makes us first cousins. We have been at birthdays, Christmas, and Thanksgiving with each other every year for our entire lives. However, it was not until we both hit our twenties that we really became close. Life has a funny way of bringing people together. After some adversity in both of our lives, we realized that “normal” would never satisfy our hunger for something more. So here we are! We have made the decision to start a life of adventure. Traveling the world seeing and experiences new places, new cultures, and new ways of life is what we have set out to do! So pack your carry on (in your twenties, you just can’t afford to check a bag) and follow along with us as we go see the world beneath our feet!

Check out our blog post and subscribe to our feed! You can also check us out and follow us on Instagram @carryoncousins .


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